Writing Coach & Chief Storytelling Officer

Do you have the right story that expresses your business?  Did you even know you needed a story? I work with small businesses to create and maintain their social media platforms, communications and yes, their story.

I can also create a social media editorial calendar to help authors promote their books and their story (different from the book) and get them on track for  consistent social media engagement – whether they want to do it or not.

Do you want to be a best-seller author?  Maybe not.

Future Girls
Future Gold
(Future Run – 2016)
(Future Sky – in that limbo between the query and the answer.  While we wait, thank you so much to the Beta Readers for Future Sky – you are amazing, insightful and I’m only a little mad at you.)
Future Gold cover Future Girls
Check out the amazing Book Trailer  for Future Girls courtesy of Kurt Rogers:
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