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Is Being a Best Seller Worth the Cost?

The Price of the Best Seller

Secrets of Best Selling Authors

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2145.  All work and world negotiations take place in virtual reality, call the Realty Cloud – run and organized by men. Charity Northquest knows that her future is set – marriage at 18, babies and the same struggle over dwindling resources that her mother faces daily.

But there is another way.  And Charity accidentally becomes one of the girls the women of the Time Cult send back in time.  Charity has only 100 hours in the past to make the right change that will create a better future.  Or she will stay in the past forever?

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Your Book Starts Here

There is nothing more satisfying than writing a book, either fiction or non fiction. I help writers take what they have and create the book they need.

  • I work with professionals – coaches, leaders, bloggers and speakers.
  • Do you want to be a real author and demonstrate that you are the authority in your field?
  • Do you want to express your creativity or (finally) tell your story?
  • Authoring a book will enhance your career and yes, your life.
  • How do I know? I create fiction and nonfiction books myself.

or drop me an email to schedule a free consultation. I will help you discover the best way to take to get your book written and published.

Here is an idea of what we explore during the course of writing your book:

Month One (five hours/month)

  • Audience analysis
  • The competition
  • Key words
  • Three goals for the book
  • Draft of the Book out line
  • Identify existing materials

 Month Two (five hours/month)

  • Completed book outline
  • Identify the Best Social Media outlets
  • Ideas for book cover and book identity.
  • Collect and edit illustrative stories

 Month Three  (five hours/month)

  • Drafts of four chapters
  • Set up Social Media
  • Identify appropriate speaking venues

Month Four (five hours/month)

  • Rough draft completed
  • Schedule for social media created
  • Book identity and cover approved
  • Identify Beta Readers

Month Five  (five hours/month)

  • Send draft to Beta Readers
  • Request book endorsements (back of book blurbs)
  • Blog about the book
  • Schedule speaking venues and classes

 Month six  (five hours/month)

  • Evaluate Beta Feedback
  • Send book to final copy editor
  • Set up blogs from the book

 End of Month Six  (five hours/month)

  • Launch the book!
  • Appear as a guest on Newbie Writers Podcast

Time:  10 hours direct coaching and manuscript feedback

20  hours your own work towards completion of the project.

Cost:  6 months – $1,600

This is a general idea – individual results may vary.

While you are organizing your slides, notes and research, my favorite program to keep it all together is Scrivener.  I promote it all the time – I use it for my novels and as my every day journal.  I have not found anything better.  I thought you’d like to see it for yourself, just click on the link below and check it out.  If you need a solution for keeping your work organized, this is it.