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Our Town Tuesday

Nevada Theater, Nevada City, CAOur Town Tuesday

“Does anyone ever realize life
while they live it…
every, every minute?”

What if we lived one day a week
Not looking for the meme –
Hump Day

Not focused on its end
Getting through
Getting it over with
Finishing up
in favor
Of a better future
that more Special Day

Stay in this day – Our Town Tues.
Please note:
The oatmeal – steel cut or not
The song on the playlist
The mustard between the winter vines
Unbroken shoelaces

A place to go
A voice who answers
Electricity and hot water

Acknowledge the pennies
From the cashier
as if
It were your last sentence

Celebrate the ordinary
the sky held overhead by mysterious forces
The earth that this morning, remains still.
Air – Flush toilets – Delivered mail

Realize life
In this least important day
This Tuesday
Like a saint
Like a poet

It will be important enough.

While driving to work I realized that we don’t often focus on the present, we are obsessed with the future, with our plans and with our to-do lists, and the line from Our Town came to me, imperfectly.  I looked it up and the lines were even more beautiful than I remembered:

EMILY  “Does anyone ever realize life

while they live it…

every, every minute?”  

STAGE MANAGER: “No. Saints and poets maybe…they do some.”

On Tuesday, celebrate the small, either the bright yellow acacia trees or the new snow.  Celebrate the smooth road, that all the children are either healthy or at least aren’t telling you about it.  Celebrate everyone you love and everyone who loves you.

I thought, I should appreciate everything, just in case it all changes tomorrow.