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Catharine Bramkamp is a successful writing coach and Chief Storytelling Officer for technology companies.  She walks her talk and has authored 15 books including the Real Estate Diva Mysteries series, The Future Girls series (still finding a home), and the poetry chapbook Ammonia Sunrise (Finishing Line Press) and of course,  Don’t Write Like We Talk what we learned after five years of interviewing agents and authors, publishers and poets.

She holds two degrees in English and creative writing and is an adjunct university professor.

Pitch O Rama Zeus

This is Zeus the dog, you can hear him on Newbie Writer’s Podcast either jingling or barking. He is a rescue from the Oakland pound, so no, we have no idea.


This is the reward for raising those boys past the age of self destruction: the granddaughter. She is perfect.

Catharine and Andrew in Viennia

Married to my soul mate for like – forever – it’s still not long enough. Andrew has enough Facebook followers, so I don’t need to blather on and on about how great he is.

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In honor of National Poetry Month, I am writing a poem a day.  This is from March, so it doesn’t technically count, but I liked it anyway.  Let me know what you think.

Applying for a poetic license

The line was surprisingly long
The wait – nerve wracking
List credentials:
Classes, check
Workshops, check
MFA, check
Conferences, check
Long dark night of the soul, check

Fill in: Quote the masters
Fill in: quote the hacks
And don’t do that. Ever.

Multiple choice:
How many coffee spoons would you need
To measure your life?
How big was your yawp
For how many hours did you race naked screaming
Down the foggy hills of San Francisco?

Extra credit:
Bad childhood?
Lonely marriage?

Did you get it all, the man behind me asked.
All, I replied
but at the front of the line
The sign clicked over
Like an old clock, new numbers
The fee changed again
& Today, too high
For what remains
In my account.

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