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Don’t Write Like We Talk
What we learned after five years and 200 episodes
interviewing Authors and Agents, Publishers and Poets

Don't Write LIke We TalkHe is the newbie from Adelaide, Australia
She is the writer from Sonoma County, California
They talk every week
They have never met

This is not a compilation of podcast transcripts, hell, it’s not even our show notes. It’s a collection of blogs, essays and presentations that capture the essence of what we learned and what we want to pass along to new as well as experienced writers.

Feeling Depressed about the state of the Country?  Check out the Epic Poem – Drinks @ the Last Cafe


A Girl who lived in the back of a theater,Drinks at the Last Cafe, a dystopic poem
A Mad Man who abandoned Wall Street,
A Drummer from a band long dead,
all moving west across a ravaged country
to where dreams catch in the tide and wash back

a blank verse poem about what happens after the end of the world.

This epic poem was the inspiration for the upcoming third Future Girls book – Future Run, which should be published in 2016. Until then, read about the dystopic future and the girl who changed everything

The Real Estate Diva Mysteries

Cozy Mystery, Death Revokes the OfferTired of mystery stories that are thinly disguised diet books? Tired of fiction books that pretend to be about adventure and love but really focus on how the fat heroine loses weight and THEN gets the man?

Would you like a break and read an adventure lead by a unrepentant size 22 heroine with breasts large enough to qualify for their own zip code?

Meet Allison Little, Real Estate Diva – the biggest realtor in town.


Five Stars
An Amazon reader
This book does exactly what it wants to do. It’s a fun escape piece that lets you just settle in and enjoy the ride without demanding too much. It’s a quick-read ditty that made a plane trip from Portland to San Francisco go by in a flash, offering a a giggle or two of wonderful distraction. The main character, Allison LIttle is appealing and the kind of person I’d want to hang out with. She’s fun and irreverent, and unabashedly herself. Though it’s a murder mystery, In Good Faith is light on the brutality (even making fun of some of the more gruesome elements) and flirty without being too graphic in the sex department. You could give this book to a prim great aunt with Midwestern values, or a sassy California girlfriend. Both would enjoy it. The story is cotton candy, enjoyable and not too demanding.

Five Stars
Pet Melink

Catharine Bramkamp writes a compelling story that is both suspenseful and extremely clever. Her main character, the colorful Allison, finds herself in quite a quandary. Who knew real estate would involve so much murder and mayhem? Catharine is very talented and plays suspense extremely well. Bravo!!

Five Stars

One would never think that Real Estate could be so….murderous, especially around the holidays. Allison finds herself in another quandary and wonders if it’s just bad karma or should she consider an alternative career. No, Real Estate suits her even with its undulations. Catherine writes a fast paced, humorous, and suspenseful book; with a little romance, which doesn’t hurt. Even if you are not familiar with the San Francisco Bay area, you can just picture yourself following in Allison’s footsteps. A great read. Bravo!

Five Stars
Marcus Evans

Written in the first person view, the story moves right along. You feel like a real estate agent going about their day, but oh, wait, a murder just happened. What do you do? The writer has a very dark humor style, that keeps you chuckling in between plot details. Quite funny. And while you are being amused, you learn a lot about the real estate market. For any woman, or any person who knows what it is like to have a busy life, but still have to deal with the ups and downs of life, this book will be both entertaining and cathartic.

Cozy Mystery, Death Revokes the Offer

“The first thing you should know about me is that I do not cut my own hair with a nail scissors. Please. Robert would kill me if I even considered touching my hair with my own two hands. I’m not a doctor and I never know exactly why a body is dead, I only know that when you find a dead body in the kitchen, it makes it that much more difficult to sell the house, what with all the hysteria about full disclosure now–a-days.Difficult, but not impossible. I am not a national park ranger. I do not work while also caring for adorable children or difficult teens. In fact I completely forgot to have children. Somewhere in my past, the word children was written on some long ago goal list along with items like white wedding at the Marin Country Club and Lose 150 pounds by Christmas penciled in just below that.”
“You’re a fine writer who obviously knows what you are doing.” Scott Thorn, editor of Babel Magazine.

Time is of the Essence, Book 2 in the Real Estate Diva Mysteries

Claim Jump CA was founded on the principle of act first and suffer the consequences later. But sometimes sooner becomes the new later. Over building and over population results in disaster when a firestorm sweeps down the forest and into town. “I could just make out the car lights through the windows on either side of the front door, there was only one way off the mountain. I wondered if anyone considered that a problem? Stuck in traffic, no alternative routes. What a way to live. What a way to die.”


“You are so funny. Your wit, wisdom and information are second to none.” Bud Gardner – Chicken Soup for the Writer’s Soul.


In Good Faith, Book three of the Real Estate Diva Mysteries

When Allison Little, Real Estate Diva discovers a mauled body in a brand new listing, she sincerely hopes this won’t be about her. But the murder is about her: the murder threatens her clients, her best friend Carrie, and her almost boyfriend, Ben. Allison isn’t fond of the holidays in the best of years, but with tumbling home prices, tumbling bodies, suspicious non-profits and a headless ex-wife, she’s ready to pack it in for warmer climate and far fewer renditions of jingle bells. “I really should give up these million dollar homes and stick to first time buyers and condos, nothing happens in a condo, first time home buyers are too busy scraping together their down payment to create mayhem and murder. No, I take that back, I’m not that happy with condo buyers either.” To sell the house, Allison must find the killer, save her friend, and comfort her boyfriend. Who knew Black Friday could be so damn bloody?


A 380 Degree View Allison Little returns to Claim JumpA 380 Degree View

Everything is just fine. Allison’s sales are tracking at 0%, She is under 100% pressure from her boss to produce or be fired. She has a 50% commitment from her boyfriend with a 0% possibility of getting a ring. Her best friend on the other hand has a 100% commitment from her finance, but he’s suddenly taking 0% of her calls. So when Allison Little, Real Estate Diva, learns her grandmother is hobbling around on a broken foot and the illegal tenants are only helping 10% of the time, Allison drops 100% of everything and high tails up to Claim Jump because nothing (0%) ever happens in Claim Jump, except when she starts falling over acquaintances who are 100% dead.
Trash Out, Real Estate Diva Cozy mystyer

Trash Out

Ah, a wedding in the wine country. But Allison’s best friend Carrie’s grand event may end less like a romantic comedy and more like a slasher flick. Who is stalking the bride? How did Ben’s former Friend With Benefits turn into Injured With Repercussions? And why must Allison wear 90 pounds of red tulle during the hottest season of the year? While innocent bystanders fall like flies, Allison copes with selling her own house, scrambling to finance the shower from hell, and wondering if the person responsible for the last murder can be hired to take out her ex-boyfriend before her own nuptials.


Redwood writers


I edited this excellent   Poetry Anthology for Redwood Writers –  And The Beats Go On


Ammonia Sunrise cover for poetry collection miniature sun squeezed into a ball reflects up against the thinning sky stretched across a rack to dry, hard and brittle so transparent infinity is almost visible


Vintage Voices

Chicken Soup for the Writer’s Soul

Sisters Born, Sisters Found

Through A Distant Lens

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