Future Girls

What if the only way to change your future, was to change the past?

Future Girls

Future Girls – Book I

October 10, 2145: eighteen-year-old Charity Northquest’s whole future is ahead of her–and the future sucks.
October 11, 2145: she unexpectedly has a chance to fix it.
When her best friend is reported killed, but then re-appears the next day as an old woman, everything Charity has been taught is called into question. Even if she does not believe in time travel, she has little choice. So the ill-prepared Charity travels back to the mysterious and captivating 21st century where her single purpose of changing the future fades with the increasingly more urgent question of whether she can survive the past.

Future Gold – Book II

Jordan Ellert doesn’t believe in time travel. Except when it finally worked. One minute she’s ready for another Time Cult failure, the next she is blasted back to the California Gold Rush.  Everything she thought she knew is wrong:  she is not the only time traveler, the future is hard to alter, and falling in love while still in the past is a very bad idea.
Can you really be the change you want to see in the world?
The second book in the Future Girls Trilogy, Future Run is set in the California Gold Country  in 1861 where fortunes were made and lives were lost.  Mixing the gritty past with the sleek, virtual based future, Future Gold is a thrill ride.

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Future Run – Book III

Rainah MotherTwo was a product of the Mid-Kingdom, the only way to escape the drudgery of her shared existence in the oppressive Family Units was to escape into the Reality Cloud. Until the night it all went to hell. Suddenly, she has a chance to make her own decisions and even escape to California. But the middle of the continent is huge, barren and an army is massing in the Sierras. She must travel across the ravaged mid-kingdom along with Chris, a Nancy Boy with dubious motives to face the Peacekeeping army massing along the California border and find her place in the sun.
Gaia never thought it would work, but she was thrust back from 2150 to 2020, a mythical time right before   the information workers were sucked into the Reality Cloud. Sure, Gaia was trained for time travel and she makes her way from the Original 13 out to the west coast. But she’s not sure what she should change, and she certainly wasn’t expecting to fall for the handsome union organizer Aaron Nite, a man straight out of a history she has already read.   Should she change the ending?
Alex Northquest Knight is a man of the streets and the people. When he rescues an adorable waif from the Mid-Kingdom, neither knew the havoc they would inflict on the time line. Was his sister Bella right all along? Can you change the future?

Future Sky – Book IV

Bella Northquest Knight, scientist, socialite, daughter of the most powerful and eccentric couple in the Nation State of California was not what she seemed. Was she the Wild Girl or the Lab Rat?  And why was there evidence of her engagement on the Reality Cloud but she herself did not remember saying yes?   
She did not have the luxury of  time to parse it all out.  She is being hunted down by  the embodiments of  both religion and war and there is, increasingly, no one  to trust.
What had happened to her bright prospects?  Her work held the answer. Can she save her lab in time so she can to return to the past and fix her future?

The Future Girls Series is currently in transition.  I just bought back the rights from Caliburn Press and am currently looking for a new publisher for the works.


Catharine Bramkamp, author. Photo by Deanne Fitzmaurice

Catharine Bramkamp, author.
Photo by Deanne Fitzmaurice