Social Media


Rotary Club of Foster City loved the Social Media talk!

Social Media – the Chief Storytelling Officer

I earned the only accredited Professional Social Media Certificate from Sonoma State.  I work with companies looking to enhance or even create their own social media campaigns.

What Social Media Can Do
  • Can replace traditional advertising
  • One of the better ways for companies to deliver their benefit/value proposition.
  • Demonstrates authenticity
  • Creates social exchange that can lead to customers and clients
  • Tells the company story
What the Chief Storytelling Officer does:
  • Content Creation
  • Explores seasonality of products and services
  • Find content in the existing files of the company to use on the web-site and in the appropriate Social Media channels.
  • Creates web site landing pages
  • Creates  personal/business twitter accounts and manages them
  • Creates Facebook pages, manages them
  • Sets up a schedule to update or write white papers for publication on appropriate platforms and channels.

If you are interested in exploring the idea of adding a CSO to your team, drop me a line or give me a call
bramkamp(at)  707 478 1855