Start Your Book

Start Your Book

Start Your Book


From Newbie

We are all newbies at something.
The Newbie part is the writing.  Before you even start, ask yourself these questions:
  • Who is the audience for this project?  Where are they, what are their needs and concerns?
    What will the book do for you?  Increase your prestige?  Open the door to more speaking engagements? Add to your income?
    Why write a book?  Will a web site or a white paper suffice?
    When will you create time to write and edit the project?
    How are we answering the needs of our audience?  Do they just need a book?  Do they want a blog?  Newsletter?  Do they want workshops or classes?  Do they need individual coaching based on the material in the book or is the book for those who can’t afford one on one appointments and help, but they do need the information and expertise you have to offer?

We will answer these questions in the initial – complimentary – meeting.  These answers will allow us to create a structure for the project.

to Known

What is your social media strategy?  I have just completed a certification program at SSU (Sonoma State University) for Social Media. Once the book is written – you need to get the word out.  I can help you create a manageable Social Media plan or keep track of it for you.

Hourly rate is $75/hour.   Discounts applicable to long term projects.

What hiring me as your writing coach can include

Start That Book

Start your Book today!

Month One
Audience analysis

  • The competition
  • Key words
  • Three goals for the book
  • Draft of the Book out line
  • Identify existing materials

 Month Two 

  • Completed book outline
  • Identify the Best Social Media outlets
  • Ideas for book cover and book identity.
  • Collect and edit illustrative stories

 Month Three 

  • Drafts of four chapters
  • Set up Social Media Channels
  • Identify appropriate speaking venues

Month Four 

  • Rough draft completed
  • Schedule for social media created
  • Book identity and cover approved
  • Identify Beta Readers

Month Five  

  • Send draft to Beta Readers
  • Request book endorsements (back of book blurbs)
  • Blog about the book
  • Schedule speaking venues and classes

 Month six 

  • Evaluate Beta Feedback
  • Send book to final copy editor
  • Set up blogs from the book

 End of Month Six  

  • Launch the book!
  • Appear as a guest on Newbie Writers Podcast

This is a general idea – individual results may vary.

Want to know more?  Drop me an  email Bramkamp (at) to  schedule a free consultation.
During our time I will give you ideas on how to finish your book as well as where to publish it and with whom.

Don’t Write Like You Talk Don't Write Like You Talk Cover

Based on her experience as a college professor, Catharine Bramkamp advocates a new approach to writing like you talk: stop it.

Don’t Write Like We Talk
What we learned after four years interviewing authors and agents, publishers and poets
Coming soon this Summer – 2016 – a writing book that’s not about grammar.

The Cheap Retreat Workbook

Cheap Retreat CoverDoes the idea of a luxury writing retreat shine for you like a mirage, the kind of road shimmer you would experience on an hourly basis if you finally did sign up for the Taos retreat but had to drive there from Vancouver to save money? Join me on a considerably cheaper but no less effective writing retreat – right in your own living room.

You’ve got a fabulous sense of humor, but your message is serious at the same time. All I need to do now is get my husband and son out of the way. Dorothy Massey, freelance writer and tutor

Client list:

        • PhD Dissertation – Content editing – Constance Van Guilder – A study of the Relationship Between Writing Lab Support and Student Success in College Writing Courses.
        • PhD Dissertation – Content editing – Cheryl Bruleigh – Identifying Academically At-Risk Students within a Suburban Northern California Public High School Professional Learning Community.
        • Semphonic – Copy and content editing for web site upgrade.
        • Tim McNickle – Created biography
        • Vicki Suiter – Suiter Business Builders – Blogging, Book project.
        • InfoPlus Accounting – marketing services, blog and web site content.
        • Pro Transport One – Public speaking training for executive staff
        • Elana Whorton, CEO, Pro Transport One – Content editing for children’s book
        • Eris Weaver Facilitator – Published – the Art of Apology and Let’s Talk About Money
        • Julia Stege – Magical Marketer – creating Branding From the Heart for publication
        • Rebecca Martin – Dear Jane Career Coaching – Organize PPT for Dear Jane book.
        • Pamela Taeuffer – Content editor for fiction book – Broken Bottles
        • Leslie Writley – Published – Accidental Affair and Fiercest Kill
        • Julia Freis, Attorney – Created novel – Seven Degrees North with Palms
        • Lisa Dalton – Life Coach – Published – You Are Loved.
        • Maureen Merrill – Executive Coach – Published Carmen’s Money