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In 1989 I wrote a weekly column for the local paper.  I know, that whole sentence that reeks of nostalgic and ancient terms:  1980, newspaper, column. Think of it as an early blog. Only with more readers.   For Throwback Thursday I thought you’d enjoy a taste of the past.  I don’t know how much I enjoy reading over my old material.  But it’s interesting to learn how little things really change.  Comment if you agree or disagree, then dig out your scrunchie  and welcome to the 80s.

The moral of this story is there is no moral.  Much,much, later I took a job as the Marketing director for a non profit.   By then, I knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that babies sell.  They can sell any food, any drink, any color carpet.  AND they are great at solicitation.   

For years I  exploited  my own children to promote our own retail business, a bicycle store, In one ad we took a photo of Thomas in his play pen and called him our General Manager, which wasn’t all that far from the truth.  By  the time I worked for United Way, Thomas, though cooperative,  had grown out of the cuddly phase.  I needed to increase our donation base.  A baby was the man for the job.   I asked a friend who had in her possession, a rather round, easy going baby.  She allowed me to stage a photo with her boy. He was as easy as my son, once we handed him a chocolate bar (to emphasis that babies need good nutrition, we weren’t selling chocolate, although that would have worked just as well). Great baby, great photo, good results.  The only criticism came from the Executive Director of a Senior Service non-profit who complained that I always used babies in the marketing material thus favoring child-based services.

I was too busy hunting down a kitten for the baby to hold next to pay attention.

I suggested that seniors, as a group, are not cuddly. She was not amused, but then, nothing much amused this woman, not even a kitten.   

   Babies are natural sales people built to be adorable and appealing just to prevent their  sleepless, harried caregivers from giving them away.  We all know this.

Well, I know this now.

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