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img_9839From 1987 to 89 I wrote a weekly column for the local paper.  I know, that whole sentence that reeks of nostalgic and ancient terms:  1980, newspaper, column. Think of it as an early blog. Only with more readers.   For Throwback Thursday I thought you’d enjoy a taste of the past.  I don’t know how much I enjoy reading over my old material.  But it’s interesting to learn how little things really change.  Comment if you agree or disagree, then dig out your scrunchie  and welcome to the 80s.

I had forgotten about the Batman China.  I still have it, I still use it.  Did you know that if you  put that gold rimmed china repeatedly in the dishwasher that over 30 or so years the gold actually tarnishes?  This kind of thing never happened to Batman.  But damn, there was no way I was hand washing all those dishes at midnight on Thanksgiving, not when I had to get up early to shop on Black Friday.

So for 30 something years, into the dishwasher that china went.  It looks a bit worse for wear. But then again,  I’ve used it.  I use it for casual Saturday dinners. I use it for friends. I serve burgers on it.

I use it because to save something like that for special occasions seems like such a waste.

Almost as pointless as acquiring something so expensive and delicate in the first place.

But what did I know? You get married, you chose a god damn china pattern.  And when you suggest to your husband, who came with the china, that maybe just using paper plates on Thanksgiving would steam line the whole process, it’s now his opportunity to point out that YOU wanted the expensive china, and WE are serving dinner on the god damn china.

So I think of Batman and my ill conceived ideas about what items are important in a marriage.  Faith, love, honesty, not necessarily good china.

  When one child married, he and his wife asked for no gifts.  At all.  They chose to start their lives together dishwasher safe.   

I’m pretty proud of them.

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